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  • The Lucky Rock Beachcomber Shawl, Cowl, and Infinity Scarf

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    My inspiration for this shawl was an early morning trip to the beach with my grandchildren, Sylvie and Jonathan (ages 6 and 2 respectively). A city worker was combing the sand with a piece of equipment, and the kids watched in fascination as the patterns changed with every pass of the sweeper. The lower cable and lace border represents the treads of the beach combing tractor as it made its passes over the sand.

     Whether you choose solid or multicolor, this will undoubtedly be one of the most fun and challenging shawls you’ve made. 

    This pattern includes instructions for the Shawl, Cowl, and Infinity Scarves.

    Cowl and Infinity Scarf can also be purchased separately.

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