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  • The Lucky Rock Beachcomber Shawl, Cowl, and Infinity Scarf

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    My inspiration for this shawl was an early morning trip to the beach with my grandchildren, Sylvie and Jonathan (ages 6 and 2 respectively). A city worker was combing the sand with a piece of equipment, and the kids watched in fascination as the patterns changed with every pass of the sweeper. The lower cable and lace border represents the treads of the beach combing tractor as it made its passes over the sand.

     Whether you choose solid or multicolor, this will undoubtedly be one of the most fun and challenging shawls you’ve made. 

    This pattern includes instructions for the Shawl, Cowl, and Infinity Scarves.

    Cowl and Infinity Scarf can also be purchased separately.

    It’s tricky creating a crescent-shaped shawl with the perfect gentle curve and enough length and contour to lie perfectly on the body.

    I think this is it.

    This shawl features irregularly-shaped, asymmetrical sections separated by eyelet ridges. You can do yours in one color, do a solid upper portion with a multicolor border, or do an entirely multicolor version. The choice is yours!

    Please follow all instructions exactly. Every row is written out for you, and, aside from color choice, please let the pattern guide you. In the case of multicolor, be sure to change all colors on the wrong side of the work, twisting the threads as you would for “normal” intarsia knitting.

    The solid-color shawl takes approximately 1000 yards of fingering or sock weight yarn. For the multicolor version, I had 300 yards of gold, and 250 yards each of the other 4 colors.

    The scarves and cowls, cousins to The Lucky Rock Beachcomber Shawls, also feature cable and lace motifs. You can do yours in one color, or two versions of multicolor. The choice is yours! No matter which version you choose, you certainly won’t be bored!

    For the multicolor infinity scarf, I used approximately 65 yds each of three colors, and 130 yds each of the other two.

    Needles required are 32” or 40” circular #4 or #5 for the shawls, and straight #4 or #5 for the cowls and scarves. You will also need a cable needle, a crochet hook size C, and stitch markers.

    Gauge: 8 sts = 1” on size 4 needle

    I also recommend a magnetic board or post-its to help you keep your place.

    Refer often to the Glossary and Abbreviations page. Most of the actual knitting operations will be familiar to you, but the terminology may not be. Above all, enjoy the process!

    Detailed stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions are provided for this and every pattern. Free shipping within the continental United States