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  • Crazy Quilt Purses

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    These unusual purses combine some elements from the Crazy Quilt Jacket, The Crazy Quilt Cardigan & VestCrazy Quilt Pillow, and the shape and structure of the Lady Jane Purses. They are truly challenging, and fun to create. Your finished products will be show-stoppers. You can use your stash for the multicolor versions! Your choice of yarns and colors will make your project a unique and functional work of art.

    This design, inspired by my Crazy Quilt sweater and jacket, offers the challenge you’ve come to expect from Not Just Plain Jane Knits, combined with the ease and portability of a small project. All the complex calculations are done for you, so you can just knit!

    The gauge is 5 sts = 1” on a size 6 needle; you can achieve other sizes above, below, or between these by varying your needle size and/or weight of yarn.

    You can use as many or as few colors and textures as you like. For the multicolor purses, areas where textured yarns (just an option – not a requirement) would be appropriate are in boldface type. Here are the yarn requirements to make both multicolored and solid purses (DK, worsted-wt and novelty yarns):

    Multicolor Version (suggestions) 
    1 skein brick @ 109 yds 
    1 skein copper @ 147 yds 
    1 skein coral @ 109 yds 
    1 skein forest @ 81 yds 
    1 skein gold @ 100 yds 
    3 skeins green @ 100 yds 
    3 skeins orange @ 100 yds 
    1 skein peach @ 109 yds 
    1 skein each fuzzy, multi, cocoa, rust and asst textured novelties, including ribbon 
    1 skein sage @ 100 yds 
    1 skein toast @ 109 yds 
    1 skein yellow @ 109 yds

    Solid-Color Version 
    5 skeins @ 108 yds 
    2 skeins @ 120 yds contrasting color (color B)

    Needles: 2 pairs straight size 6 (or smaller for smaller sized purses)

    Sundries: crochet hook size D 
    stitch markers 
    10”X20” piece cardboard or plywood for bottom of bags 
    1½ yds (smaller bag) or 2 yds (larger bag) lining and interfacing 
    leather handles 
    12” (smaller bag) or 16” (larger bag) vanity or doctor bag purse frame 
    optional: 6 1” buttons with shanks and 6 cotter pins (for feet)

    Note: Numbers in boldface at the end of certain rows indicate the total number of sts left unworked at that 
    end unless specified otherwise.

    It is important that you keep all strands in order and use them as recommended; remember to always twist yarns on the wrong side of your work.

    Please follow all instructions exactly; as with my other multidirectional and diagonally-knit designs, deviating from the specific calculations will give an unsatisfactory result.

    This 54-page pattern contains directions for two sizes, each both solid and multi (4 patterns total!).

    Detailed stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions are provided for this and every pattern. Free shipping within the continental United States