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  • La Mariposa

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    Many knitters asked me to design a roomy, bat-winged jacket with diagonal motifs similar to those of La Mariposa, so I came up with this one-size-fits-most design in the Not Just Plain Jane style. True to its name, La Mariposa begins as an unlikely combination of pieces, and evolves from its cocoon in your hands into a majestic butterfly! Like its daintier cousin, La Mariposa, this jacket employs the techniques of diagonal knitting and mitering.

    La Mariposa is challenging and fun to knit, and works up quickly in chunky weight yarn in a gauge of 4 sts = 1” on a size 8 needle.

    Directions are written stitch-by-stitchrow-by-row, in multicolor. If you prefer a solid jacket, simply ignore the underscored portions of rows, and replace with italicized portions at the end of those rows.

    Change your gauge with yarn and needle size if you like, but please do not mess with the math!

    Here is what you will need:

    Multicolor Version 
    355 yds. multi 
    275 yds. purple 
    250 yds. multi 
    300 yds. eggplant 
    100 yds. sage 
    350 yds. chenille 
    700 yds seafoam 
    500 yds sparkly 
    150 yds. bumpy

    Solid Version 
    1700 yds chunky or heavier worsted yarn

    29” and 60” circular and straight needles size 8 
    spare circulars to temporarily hold pieces of knitting 
    crochet hook: size H

    5 buttons

    36 medium-size bobbins

    large-eyed blunt needle to run in all those &$$+@!!! ENDS

    patience, determination, positive attitude (you can do this!!)

     A 3-season must have! One size fits most. 

    Detailed stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions are provided for this and every pattern. Free shipping within the continental United States