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  • Smorgasbord and Extreme Smorgasbord

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    This 42-page pattern contains stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions for both vest and cardigan, in one color or many. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a stimulating journey as you begin this most challenging knitting project. Smorgasbord is a multi-textured flight of fancy in which you are guaranteed never to be bored, either making it or wearing it. You make two half bodies, joining them with a decorative center back strip. No two parts of this sweater are the same; the right half body is not like the left, the two sleeves are different, and every edge is done in a different stitch. Extreme Smorgasbord adds the dimension of multicolor knitting to the project. Both are beautiful and very, very unusual. 

    The same entrelac technique is used to make The Smorgasbord Blankets (available in 2 sizes), and Poncho.

    Detailed stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions are provided for this and every pattern. Free shipping within the continental United States