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  • Yum-Yum Baby Blanket

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    Baby can cruise and nap in style, and you can even sport a coordinating sweater, The Yum-Yum Tree Sweater for adults, or dress the others in The Yum-Yum Tree for Kids

    Each row of this blanket pattern is spelled out for you for accuracy and ease in working the design.  The gauge is 3.5 sts = 1” in worsted weight yarn on a size 8 needle.  The finished blanket measures approximately 30” X 35”.  For best results, choose a yarn that is at least 25% natural fiber, as blanket must be blocked. 

    You will need to be familiar with the long-tail cast-on, knitting, purling, working yarn overs and decreases, and manipulating stitches.  Follow the stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions, and you should have no problem.  Directions are given for the multicolor version. If you are doing yours in one color, ignore the references to cutting, making bobbins, and changing colors. Here is what you will need; refer to photo for placement of colors and leaves:

    Materials:  approximately 1000 yds of at least 25% natural worsted weight yarn (solid color version)

    Both projects:  

    straight needles #8

    14 medium bobbins

    crochet hook size D

    Multicolor version:  

    teal – 2 sk @ 135 yds

    coral – 1 sk divided in half

    orchid – 1 sk

    mint – 1 sk

    incidental amts blue, green, tangerine

    Detailed stitch-by-stitch, row-by-row instructions are provided for this and every pattern. Free shipping within the continental United States